The Future of Religion

The Future of Religion

The real question to ask in life is, what is the future of religion? With new generations growing up, will God and the existence of religion or other faiths become extinct in the world?

It is hard to know the answer to these puzzling questions without fulling understanding trends and future predictions.

Nobody can predict the future, I don’t care what people claim or think; it is impossible to accurately predict what will happen tomorrow. Not everyone wants to know or has the power to hear what will happen.

The future is troubling for some, and optimistic for others. When individuals neglect the present, and fail to understand what’s fully going on in the world; interesting events may emerge.

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If you take a step back, and understand what’s going on with children from a macro-religious stand point it’s not good. Less and less people are going to church each week. If people right now, today, are less and less going to church than I think one could conclude that youth in the future will have less desire than usual to go. They won’t see a reason or benefit.

Today, the youth is being heavily influenced by tech and what the internet has brought people. Immediate gratification has been working more and more in the lives of kids today. With iPhones, iPads, computers, snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc. taking off in popularity it becomes harder and harder for people to have the focus of mind to understand different philosophies in life.

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A big philosophy in life to take seriously is religion. Having the ability to thoroughly look yourself in the mirror-and understand why you were created and what you can do about is huge for dedicating your life to a strong faith.

At the end of the day, every human on earth in some form or another will end up dying. As a Christian, it’s important to understand why your on Earth and where you will end up as a direct result of how you treated other people.

future generation technology take over

I don’t envision a large influx of people in fifteen years going to church. I feel like less and less amounts of people will see the importance and relevance of going to church. It’s sad to think about, but it there is very little to do about it.

There is little the establishment can do to show children the light & importance of church. I feel like future generations will be less prone to the willingness to take a step back, and look at their lives in the mirror. Technology will take over; especially with the internet continuing to grow year after year, I worry about the future generations.

But you can be different.

See yourself as a creation of God, and commit everyday to finding out why you were put on earth. Once you find out why you were put on earth, figure out how your going to have a lasting humanitarian impact on the world.

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