The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Everyone has heard of the story of Jesus Christ sacrificing his life on the cross for the signs of everyone else. Sacrifice is not an easy thing for anyone to talk about or do.

Ultimately sacrificing your life for the benefit for others is properly the most self-less achievement anyone can accomplish. Nowadays everyone seems to be concerned with only themselves, and no one else. This type of thinking is the complete opposite of what the goal is in life.

God created everyone differently, in his own liking. Everyone is special, and has something to bring to the table. It is unfair and immorally wrong to believe one person is above another person.

jesus christ sacrifice cross

God sent his son, to earth to spread the word. Many believe and it is believed within the religious community that the bible is written by the word of God.

The word of God is important to live, pray, and standby throughout your life. Without a backbone to have, how can anyone truly have the path, guide. or trail to live life by.

As humans, we need a plan; and that’s exactly what the bible provides. A perfectly laid out plan, that details what exactly people should do, act, say, live by, and surround themselves with.

It is also widely known in the religious community that the bible displays ironic plots, events, and strange foreshadows into the future. Some believe these events to be true; while others may disagree or attempt to disprove entirely. The bible isn’t about proving people wrong or right-it’s all about the lessons in life and how we can all get along.

There are many differences, obstacles, challenges, and divides in the world. The bible attempts to reach beyond the conflict, and bring in a new type of connection; love. Without love being in the bible, what would be the point of the word of God? There wouldn’t be a point.

jesus christ dying on cross

Looking back to when I was in college, it makes sense now how I made the ultimate sacrifice to take away time, partying, relaxing all for the sake of learning something new.

The bible and more importantly the lessons within the pages of shown be a different light. The light of God is like no other. Like I’ve said, I’m not trying to shove God’s word or religion down anyone’s throat. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions.

When I’m on my death bed, I do wish that I can look at a life of good work for God and know I have done everything I can to become a better person. It’s not too big of a request, right?

But back to sacrifice. Sacrifice is something not everyone likes to talk about in the first place. Greed is the biggest killer of sacrifice. If someone is greedy, there all about themselves. Who wants to spend time with someone who is all about them? I wouldn’t assume anyone would.

Using the metaphor of Jesus Christ sacrificing his life on the cross for the life of others is a touchy subject for many people. Not everyone believes this story or wants to believe the story in the first place.

god's only son jesus christ

To many believing some man who walked on earth at some point in history to spread the word of God, to only end up crucified on a cross is a conspiracy. It may be hard to actually prove with complete conviction this story, but the way you feel after reading the bible makes you think otherwise.

It is a mystery to me, how people will claim and condemn the authenticity of Jesus Christ. It is a sad proposition to think of people being true atheist. I always ask myself about atheists, if they don’t believe in a God or higher power what do they think will happen after they die.

faith in god religion

There is no doubt in my mind that the bible speaks volumes about after life, and how to live a good life. Having the fear in God is a good thing. Love, sacrifice, companionship, trust, loyalty, faith, and righteousness are all common threads throughout the bible. I truly believe the bible is the greatest philosophy book written on earth, if you don’t think so than pick up the book and read it.

It wouldn’t hurt, it will only help to see, read, and understand something new in life.


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