The Purpose of Religion

The Purpose of Religion

The purpose of religion is often a widely debated subject. Many people become offended when buttons get pushed the wrong way. I remember my mother telling me at a young age, “never argue with someone when politics or religion gets brought up.” I never really understood why, but it makes sense now when you dissect each.

Politics and religion are very similar, but have two very different purposes.

This blog isn’t about politicians or the way the government is run, but it is important to understand how politics has the main function of bringing and maintaining power for government officials or other politicians in office.

Conversely; when you look at religion you can’t help but understand how religion is meant for people and groups of people who come together sharing a common faith. The whole point of going to church for hours, is too listen to the priest speak about the different stories, ideas, philosophies, concepts, and theories about the bible. There is more in life to learn about God, than what a lot of people think.

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Having the ability to understand and admit you don’t know everything is a big deal. When individuals believe they know everything they loose the ability for new ideas and thoughts to come into existence. No one likes a stubborn person, at least I don’t. If you know you don’t know everything, and still have the audacity to learn from others that do know, you’ve won have the battle.

I’m a firm believer in having the ability to completely understand everything I’m doing in life and what the underlying reason is. Performing some ritual or festival without having a purpose is dumb. Nobody wants to be doing things without a plan or set of rules to be guided by. When individuals go down a path unturned or foggy-it’s a smart idea to hit the brakes and flip a u-turn.

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If you don’t ask. Personally, I’ve always loved having the chance to speak to intelligent people about my faith and the future of my destiny. It’s refreshing.

Just like previously mentioned, I believe going to church and listening to the word of God is meant primarily to bring people and groups of people together. With so many things, distractions, unimportant matters constantly pulling at us; it’s nice to take time off and come together to talk about your creator. More importantly, how we apply the word of God to our everyday lives.

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If individuals have no purpose for something, than why do people continue down the path. When something isn’t turning out the way you desired, is it worth continuing to pursue?. I like saying, “stop the bleeding” it resonates with me. If you don’t see purpose in church or religion there’s no point to continue to waste time and energy.

Everyone must look out for themselves, personally going to church on a weekly basis has allowed me to see more purpose in my life than ever. I look forward to waking up twice a week, and thinking about the different knowledge and wisdom I will be embarking on.

I love reading and learning, but it is challenging to carve out hours of my week to sit down and learn new things. The beautiful purpose of church gives me the chance to choose what I want to learn. Look, seek, and love for purpose in religion. If you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, then searching for purpose in life may be the root of the suffering. Try sitting in on mass once to learn something new about yourself. You might surprise yourself.

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