Different Types of Christians, Why So Many?

Different Types of Christians, Why So Many?

Following up on the last post, let us start with the primary branches of Christianity, and it could give us a good starting point to figure out where all of this division began.

The three namely distinct branches of Christianity somewhat primarily take place in their own distinct area of the world.

Eastern Orthodoxy Christianity
– A religion that is practiced in the Slavic countries and Eastern European countries along with Russia.eastern orthodox christianity

Roman Catholicism – A well known sect of Christianity. This is who the Pope is associated with primarily.

pope ratzinger

Protestantism – Composed of quite a variety of sets of beliefs.

Where I am in the United States, the more common appearances of Christian people come in the form of Catholics and Protestants. Catholics are much more aligned in one another’s beliefs than Protestants are. While Roman Catholics will refer to themselves as simply Catholic, Protestant people may not even say they are Protestant. Protestants are composed of Episcopalians, Lutherans, Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostals, Presbyterians, and other groups that can be checked out. Many sections of churches will say they are Protestants, but not necessarily have a particular name for their sect.

Like many types of religions, the people who are apart of the religion don’t always get along. Their sects of beliefs will not coincide with other people who call themselves that same denomination, and it often leads to problems with their pride and their notorious stubborn tendencies. When people within a religion disagree with their set of beliefs, that’s when new religions will begin to sprout with an entire sect of Church.

roman catholic church

There are a number of common differences within groups of Christians who have different sets of beliefs. Baptism is a common problem. How should the Church function is another. What is the correct way to interpret the teachings in the Bible and what do they actually believe about what was said is a common division topic. Are we to take the priest’s word as the word of God, they are regular people too right? Should we prosecute¬†and let justice face those members of religious entities who sexually assault¬†children, or should they be protected?

People who attend different sects of religious ceremonies may not always doing so because of their beliefs. There are many people who attend different types of Churches because they cannot stand the type of people who are involved in other sects of Christianity. Plus, different types of Christian denominations may have drastically different atmospheres involved. Some may have a lot of old school Christian singing. Other’s it is primarily about teaching and telling people how to interpret teachings in today’s world.Other notorious types of churches have a lot of lively singing and try to make religion more fun and more focused on being a good person than anything else.

The diversity of Christianity is not always do to different beliefs about the Bible or the teaching of the Church. Sometimes, it boils down to people involved, atmospheres, and practicality of the way things are interpreted and talked about among people. Just because one may call themselves a Christian, does not always mean they associate with other types of Christians.

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