The Various Sects of Christianity

The Various Sects of Christianity

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There is basically a never ending list of different sects of Christianity. Some sects are people who devoutly believe exactly their sect, and have disagreements with other sects. But, with all the hundreds and hundreds of different forms of Christianity, how is anyone able to know which is right and which is wrong without actual conversation and understanding the beliefs of each one and comparing and contrasting with one another.

Another necessary point to make is how can anyone believe their specific sects of beliefs without objectively studying it and looking for historical evidence of the logic and the teachings of the people who wrote the text, and the subject matters of the text.

body blood christThere are sects of Christianity that divide themselves and their churches for things such as believing or not believing that when a religious figure blesses the sacramental bread and wine it becomes the literal body and blood of Christ. Some believe it is simply a representation of that, some take it for the literal blessing and believe it really is Jesus’ body and blood. The term for this is called transubstantiation.

So why exactly are there so many different sects of Christianity?

jesus bread bodyWasn’t the message of Christ primarily about unity to show the world what a group of unified people can do. Well, throughout the last two millennia, there have been wars, people killed, buildings destroyed, money and power gained, all in the name of God’s will. Along the way, a lot of different people’s feathers get ruffled, and it starts to divide people from each other, and people will begin to start to think in a different way. One of the major problems with religion is that most of it is based on belief rather than fact. This leads to people having their own set of beliefs, and instilling those beliefs into others that may disagree slightly with another group’s beliefs, and essentially, division among people is bound to occur.

A unified people under Christianity is not what most people actually think of when they think of that religion. Most people will imagine a group of people arguing and squabbling about basic stuff that does not have an applicable circumstance on their own lives, and also judging other people for their beliefs that do not agree with theirs. Many Christians are instilled in their churches with a sense of entitlement that causes them to believe that they are God’s true people and those who do not believe in what they do are idiotic and should be converted or they could potentially face eternal damnation.

Different nations are also founded on different sets of beliefs. Depending on the major circumstances of each nation leads to a diverse set of characteristics and beliefs in Christian denominations. We will continue with this subject matter in the next post.

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