Providing, Not Just Praying

Providing, Not Just Praying

One of the core principles that is taught by the Christian Jesus is the focus of helping those that are less fortunate than their selves. This principle has gone astray from many devoted Christians who do most of their Christian related work by donating to their tax-exempt Churches instead of doing their part in participating in the teachings of Jesus.

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The type of Christians that everyone in the world can accept as good people are those that do their part to help those around them that could use it. There are many Church organizations that help build homes and provide for children and the homeless. In Northern California, I had the chance to see first hand Modesto concrete contractors financed by a local church organization set up four concrete walls and a roof to create a shelter for the homeless to sleep and pray. Activities such as building homes for others, feeding, and clothing people are some of the admirable things that some church organizations are capable of, and should focus on. 

At Catholic churches, the last thing that the priest will often say it to “go in peace to love and serve the Lord.” What that means is not necessarily to preach about Jesus to others, nor only help those who are with Jesus. If everyone is a “Child of God” and part of Jesus’ herd, then Christians should be serving everyone regardless of religious affiliation.

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Going out in peace to serve is not something that is merely words, but it is a call to action. If the people who attend mass leave only to come back the following week time and time again without having helped the world in some way, then they are missing the end of Mass and are not following the priest’s words.

To serve Jesus is to fight against negative acts of others and search for positivity. This means to stop violence and wars, prevent people from having to be affected by the detrimental and unjust actions of the world.

Again, serving the Lord isn’t about preaching Jesus. To really get people to appreciate Christian people, more Christians need to work on serving others rather than only serving themselves. By focusing only on helping other Christians, that completely defeats the purpose of unifying the world under one God and essentially creating a clique of people who are deserving of help while others aren’t. If the point of preaching the Lord’s name, then how is anyone going to want to do that along with you if you are only yelling at people to convert rather than showing people the power of the Lord through actually helping others.

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Some positive things that I have seen many Christian organizations do is go on trips with the sole purpose of helping individuals who are in great need of help. A local church group just came back from Mexico having built 45 houses for a small town that had many homeless individuals. Using the money that they raised in the Church to actually clothe and shelter the needy, they have proven to understand the Christian message of helping others how you would want to be helped. Serving your neighbor regardless of beliefs is an essential part of being a good Christian, not judging people because of their faith.

To be a good Christian, you must serve those around you. Do not create a clique like relationship with only your fellow Christians and be accepting of others and have a conversation with other people about your beliefs. Listen to other people’s ideas without judging. You may learn there are other sets of values than just the one’s of the Church that follows the guidelines set by a group of people from nearly 2,000 years ago.

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