The Religious Way

The Religious Way

Were you born believing in God? Do you feel compelled to praise a higher being? Do you have faith? Have you read the bible completely? Where do people go when they die?

These are all common questions I’ve had growing up.

Hello, I’m Peter and I’m originally from Minnesota, but currently living in San Diego at the moment. Quite a drastic change, living in one of the coldest states to one of the best beach cities on the west coast.

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Right now I teach middle school religious studies at private school. I absolutely loving being a teacher. Having the ability to empower the youth about the light of God has forever made my life better.

I wasn’t always so religious. In fact, there were years in high school where I would constantly question and formulate philosophies about what the actual truth is about “God” or whatever the higher being is.

I remember asking my self questions in high school like, “If there are so many different religions in different parts of the world, wouldn’t that prove there is no such thing as a person named Jesus Christ? Because if there was, wouldn’t everyone have the same belief system?”

Things started to change when I graduated high school, and went to college. I was privileged enough to get a full ride academic scholarship to the University of San Diego, a private catholic university. ¬†At the time of my acceptance, I didn’t know what to think. There was so many mixed emotions flushing through my body, I had no idea how to deal with the situation.

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After talking to nearly twenty different people about pursuing my studies at a “religious university” I decided to accept the scholarship and pack my bags for San Diego. After all, it was the only full ride I was able to obtain.

Moving to San Diego was quite the social shock. If you’ve ever been to Minnesota, you’ll know how cold it can get in the winter time. Summers are better, but nothing compared to San Diego temperatures.

When the school semester was about to start, I had to sit down and choose my class schedule for my first semester in college. Part of making your school schedule entails finding and picking an elective class. Of the many elective options, for whatever reason, I chose “Theory of Religion.”

The theory of religion class was more so a philosophy class than anything. I found many of the theories and teachings the professor was elaborating on to actually be quite interesting. For the first time in my life, I was hearing about God from a much different prospective and point of view; than when I was younger.

A light bulb when off when I ended the semester.

Of all the books I haven’t read, the bible seemed to be the biggest book of all time; and I never read it. Reading has always been something I’ve enjoyed. I took it upon myself to read the bible cover to cover over the Christmas break between semesters.

My life changed forever after reading the bible. It is quite difficult to attempt to describe the thoughts, feelings, and emotions I felt after reading such a profound book.

The bible is much more than just a collection of stories or fables. The amount of wisdom, knowledge, and insight given in the book is something I’ll never be able to completely tell someone. There is so much depth involved, people need to just read it.

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Reading the bible in college, gave me the passion for what I do know; teach theory and philosophy of religion. It is a very vague and broad subject, but there are so many dimensions that can be tapped that studying becomes very insightful and interesting.

My passion for bible and religious studies has grown so much, that I’ve decided to reach out to as many people as possible. The goal isn’t to change people’s life forever, it’s to allow individuals to get an image of the complete picture and decide what lifestyle they desire.

I’m 100% against forcing religion or bible study down people’s throats. As a youngster, I was subject to this kind of abuse. The intention of the blog is to give people a glimpse and insight into how stories in the bible can relate, improve, and transform people’s perception of God.

I hope you enjoy!


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